Join Us

You want to be a minion? Of course you do! What could be more fun than slaving away for the collective? But how, you ask? Simply review the positions below, and if one tickles your fancy, delve deeper into the details. If that doesn’t scare you away, you’ll fit right in. Shoot us an email and we’ll send secret documents to you that’ll test your ability to be human–I mean a scanlator.


Scanners debind books that they purchase or have mailed to them. Scanner requirements are a stand-alone flat bed scanner that uses CCD with a minimum of 2400 x 4800 optical resolution. An Epson Perfection V550 (MSRP $170) is an example of this type of scanner. Read more about Scanning.


Translators take the high resolution scans and translate the Japanese into English, including the sound effects. You don’t have to write novels in your spare time but your grasp of the English language should be decent enough not to make the Proofreaders cry. Read more about Translating.


Proofers must be native English speakers with excellent grammatical skills, but remember you’re proofreading comics, not a dissertation. Proofing involves correcting grammar, sentence structure, spelling mistakes, punctuation and tenses. Read more about Proofreading.

Editors (Cleaners & Typesetters)

Editors are Photoshop ninjas; they resize the high resolution scans down and level them, then clone/erase out the Japanese (Cleaning) and insert the English copy (Typesetting). Editor positions can be broken up into Cleaner or Typesetting positions. You need Photoshop CS6 or higher. Read more about Cleaning, or Typesetting.

Quality Control (QCers)

QCing is not a position that can be applied for, but for legacy reads, here is the tutoral for QCing. QC tutorial.