Who are you?

DP has been operated by a bunch of screaming maniacs since 2005.

Scryren: Lord and Hamster Master
Gallaplacidia: Project Coordinator, Head QCer, Chief Procrastinator
Shelisan: Project Coordinator, Head Editor, Banner-Maker, Inheritor of Faye’s whips, Galla’s sanity

How can I reach you?

Leaving a comment on the most recent release post is the best way to get our attention. If comments are closed, you can email us at join.dpscanlations@gmail.com and hope someone checks it within the next month.

Can I scanlate your projects into different languages?

Yes. Our scanlations can be used to translate your scans into your language. Do not replace the English in our scans with your language. Do not email me asking to use our scans. Do not email our scanners asking for their scans. Do not email us because someone is using our scans. Do not email us because another group is scanlating the same project in your language. We. Do. Not. Care.

Who’s the artist in (x) banner?

Banners can be found in our Gallery. Banners created after May 2010 also have the artist in their filename. Most of our banners are postcard scans, novel illustrations or wallpapers released by the publisher so they are not tied to a manga.

Emails asking for artist information will be ignored.

Why are some projects listed as unavailable?

We voluntarily removed all Libre titles in September 2010.

Can I announce your releases?


Can I redistribute your releases?

Yup! Please leave the banners and credits in the zip files.

Where else can I download your releases?

Aarinfantasy Forums, Mangafox, Yaoi_Daily, various Livejournal Communities, etc.

How do I help prevent getting malware from shared sites?

Firefox and Chrome: Install Adblock Plus

Internet Explorer: Use Firefox or Chrome with Adblock Plus

I’m having trouble downloading your files.

We offer multiple hosts to help counter any problems with downloading files. Here are some common questions:

Passwords: None of our files have passwords. Using a different version of WinZip or WinRAR usually solves this error.

How do I open zip files: Both Windows and OS X come with their own decompressing programs but if those don’t work, download WinZip or WinRAR.

Where’s your future project list?

We don’t announce a project until we release the first chapter.

Another group is working on the same project.

Don’t care.

Do you translate BL novels?


Do you scanlate manga licensed in North America?


Can you scanlate this manga for me?


I found these scans–

If you didn’t scan it, don’t offer it.

Can I donate money?

You can donate time.

When is the next chapter of (insert title here) being released?