July 24th, 2016


Happy (belated) birthday to us!

New Chapters

Asanaga Fugestsu, Shodouka Desu – ch.5 (end)
Mune ga Kowaresou – ch.5-6 (end)
Waraibanashi no You da – ch. 4-6 (end)

New Project

Crossover Love by Fujii Mitori – ch. 1-5 (end)
Perfect World by Fuwa Shinri – vol.2 ch. 8-11
Sekuhara Hensai Keikaku by Ebihara Yuri – ch. 9-10, illustration gallery (end)
Tsumasaki ni Hi by Yanagisawa Yukio – ch. 1-3


Sekuhara Hensai Keikaku is a re-release of Datte Ai ja Nai?! by Junet (not the Magazine Magazine version which is licensed in North America). Chapters 9 and 10 are new to the Junet version and are not licensed in North America.


Can someone build me a robot to do the release posts?


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