Touch Blue

Touch Blue
Kujou Aoi

Jun. 2005


Taiyou Tosho

Published in
Hertz Magazine

Contents: This story is set during the time when Junya’s mother, who got re-married, went on a honeymoon and his stepbrother Kyouichi, who is a highschool student, moved into Junya’s place. Back when Junya was dumped, Kyouichi was the one who gave him a coffee and a handkerchief. Junya was about to give the handkerchief back, but he thought Kyouichi probably doesn’t remember, so he kept it. One day, Junya rushed back home because Kyouichi was suffering from the growth pains and suddenly Kyouichi kissed him…?! (Summary from FM)


Manga Status: 1 Volume
Project Status: Licensed – Thank you FM for letting us continue this project!


Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Released by Forever-More
Chapter 2 – Released by Forever-More
Chapter 3 – Released by Forever-More
Chapter 4 – Released by Forever-More
Chapter 5 – Released by Forever-More
Extra – Released