Sweet Bitter Candy

Sweet Bitter Candy
Mitsuaki Asou

Nov. 2008

Hard Yaoi

Taiyou Tosho

Published in
Hertz #18

Contents: Kawaguchi spent his entire life in high school as the short chubby kid, “Chidebu”. His one secret was his admiration of the rebellious, openly gay Kanaya. Five years have passed and now that Kawaguchi has lost the weight (but is still short), does he have a chance of catching Kanaya’s attention?

Vol.1: 978-4-8130-5161-9

Manga Status: 1 volume
Project Status: Complete


Volume 1
Chapter 1 – released
Chapter 2 – released
Chapter 3 – released
Chapter 4 – released
Chapter 5a – released
Chapter 5b – released
Chapter 6 – released
Chapter 7 – released