Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru

Yoneda Kou

Publisher: Taiyou Tosho
Serialized In: Craft
Date: April 2014
Manga Status: 1 Volume


Vol.1: 978-4-8130-3045-4


Deguchi Harumi starts to like Onoda Ryou, a straight guy three years younger than him. By the time he realizes, he’s already in love with him. Being friends is more than enough… Although that’s what Deguchi thinks at first, he starts liking Onoda more and more. He’s unable to be honest with his feelings, anxious, gets ecstatic from the smallest of actions, and is filled with all the things he wants to say but can’t. Here, we have a story that shows the pain and happiness of being in love.

Tankoubon contains the following doujinshi After 9 Hours, After 10 Hours, The World with Color and The World with Color II, and the oneshot Yasashii Uso wa Minoranai.

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