Sekuhara Hensai Keikaku

Title: Sekuhara Hensai Keikaku
Mangaka: Ebihara Yuri
Publisher: Junet
In: N/A
Date: February, 2013
ISBN: 978-4-8645-2718-7
Notes: A re-release of Datte Ai ja Nai?! with two extra oneshots and an illustration gallery. The rest was the same as the book licensed by DMP.

Summary Keisuke guarantees the debt of a junior, but when the loan is called in, Keisuke is unable to pay. The loan shark, Suganuma, requires Keisuke to have sex with him in lieu of the interest on the loan. While using his body to pay his debts, the relationship between the two begins to grow and Suganuma starts to become attracted to Keisuke’s bravery…