Honoo no Suna

Tamaquis Wren

Publisher: Libre Shuppan
Serialized In: Be x Boy Comics
Manga Status: 1 Volume


Vol.1: 4-8626-3143-6


1-2) Oda Haine went to the palace to return a key with the royal symbol and accidentally entered the harem. It’s a death penalty, but the sheikh, Ashraf, took a liking to him and decided to make him a slave…

3) Ashraf’s servant, Q (former name: Al Sha) is reunited with former lover – Ashraf’s older brother, Faisal. Will he again win one-hand-man’s heart?

4) Cute short stories of Haine, Ashraf, Q, and Faisal including Haine’s vacation and a look at everyone’s diaries.

5-6) A short story called The Singer. A beautiful singer in the emperor’s court is about to be castrated in order to preserve his youthful voice and looks.

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