Gravity Eyes

Fuwa Shinri

Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Serialized In: Chara Selection
Manga Status: 2 Volumes


Vol.1: 4-1996-0356-5
Vol.2: 4-1996-0378-6


After his relationship with Homura ended, Kyouya left his job as a host to go to college. Kyouya, who still cares for Homura, is attracted to his boss at his part-time job because he reminds him of his lost love. However, the person he thinks of most isn’t Homura or his boss. It’s Kiriya, a professor Kyouya met by chance when he was looking for a home for two abandoned kittens. Almost against his will, Kyouya feels drawn to the cold and arrogant Kiriya. Is Kyouya fated to always know only unrequited love?

Sequel to Tsumasaki ni Kiss that follows Kyouya.

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