Yuuko Yoshida

Publisher: Printemps Shuppan
Serialized In: Canna Comics
Date: November 2012
Manga Status: 1 Volume


Vol.1: 4-8296-8530-1


1-3) Bad Eggs
High School student Morisaki did something unfortunate based on just the slightest passing fancy. For the first time in his life, he shoplifted. However, it was caught on camera by a decent member of society named Harata. After Morisaki pleads with him to keep it a secret, Harata attempts to extort Morisaki. “If you keep me company so I can kill some time, I’ll keep your secret.”

Thus, we have Harata, a man totally apathetic towards life, and Morisaki, the perpetrator of a petty crime. The final stop on this journey for two misfits of society will be …

4-5+extra) Nonfiction + An Ordinary Day.
Is what’s between these 2 gay actor’s the real deal or is it just more acting.

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