Takaga Koi daro

Takaga Koi daro
Yamada Yugi & Aida Saki

Nov. 2007


Taiyou Tosho

Published in

Contents: Kurata is raising his son alone after the death of his wife and working at a café owned by his brother-in-law Sawaragi, a yakuza. Kurata is shocked to discover that his son’s favorite playmate is the nephew of Takatsudo, Kurata’s best friend in middle school. The men haven’t seen each other since the day of their middle school graduation when Takatsudo cruelly repudiated their friendship. Takatsudo seemingly wants to re-establish their relationship after all these years, but his actions may be based on something other than personal feelings.


Manga Status: 1 Volume
Project Status: Complete – Licensed


Volume 1
Chapter 1 – released
Chapter 2 – released
Chapter 3 – released
Chapter 4 – released
Chapter 5 – released
Chapter 6 – released
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