Taiyou no Kikoushi

Taiyou no Kikoushi
Maruya Kae

Oct. 2007


Tokuma Shoten

Published in
Chara 10/2007

Contents: Hikaru works at a travel agency and dreams of becoming an overseas tour guide. One day he literally trips over a handsome foreigner in the park. Hikaru brings the mysterious young man, who calls himself Leo, back to his home and agrees to act as his guide during his weeklong visit to Japan. Leo is accustomed to being waited on hand and foot and expects Hikaru to fill the role of servant. Despite Leo’s demanding ways, Hikaru can never seem to say no to him.


Manga Status: 1 volume
Project Status: Complete


Volume 1
Chapter 1 – released
Chapter 2 – released
Chapter 3 – released
Chapter 4 – released
Chapter 5 – released
Chapter 6 – released