Shitsuren Mania

Fujii Mitori

Publisher: Kaiousha
Serialized In: GUSH Comics
Manga Status: 8 Volumes




Volume 6: As two lovers living together for the first time ever, Yamazaki and Atsuya have a fight after Yamazaki finds out about the long hidden secret concerning Atsuya’s mother. Atsuya flatly refuses to apologize, but then he learns that Yamazaki has been in an accident. With the sudden fear that he might lose someone he loves, Atsuya’s feelings for Yamazaki come flooding forth…

Scanlation Status

Volume 1 – 3: released by Hochuuami
Volume 4: released by Hochuuami & Kira-Kira
Volume 5: released by Kira-Kira
Dropped – Removed at request of publisher

Release List