Pet wo Kaimashou {My Fair Unlucky Boy}

Pet wo Kaimashou {My Fair Unlucky Boy}
Sakuya Fujii

Apr. 2005


Kadokawa Shoten

Published in
Asuka Comics CL DX

Contents: Hidaka Chikara, 17, goes onto the TV show “Fight Money” and swindles 5 million yen out of Kunimi Tomokazu, the president of Keinou Productions. Chikara actually gives the money to his friend for his sick sister. But, how will he repay his debt? Also includes the story My Prince.

Vol.1: 4-0485-3831-4

Manga Status: 1 Volume
Project Status: Complete


Volume 1
Chapter 1 – released
Chapter 2 – released
Chapter 3 – released
Chapter 4 – released
Chapter 5 – released
Chapter 6 – released
Chapter 7 – released