Okane ga Nai

Kousaka Tohru & Shinozaki Hitoyo

Publisher: Outou Shobou & Gentousha
Serialized In: Birz Comics Lynx Collection
Manga Status: 9 Volumes | Running in Comics Lynx


ISBN Vol.1: 4-7567-1418-8
ISBN Vol.2: 4-3448-0211-X
ISBN Vol.3: 4-3448-0366-3
ISBN Vol.4: 4-3448-0538-0
ISBN Vol.5: 4-3448-0695-6
ISBN Vol.6: 4-3448-0904-1
ISBN Vol.7: 4-3448-1194-1
ISBN Vol.8: 4-3448-1595-5
ISBN Vol.9: 4-3448-2768-6


Series: As a guarantee for his cousin, Ayase was sold at auction and was bought by Kanou, who runs a financial firm. Ayase is struggling through the fact that he’s selling his body in order to repay the debt. (Summary from Forever-More; Thank you FM for letting us continue this project!)

Vol 9: After many ups and down, university student Ayase Yukiya is finally able to accept the feelings of moneylender Kanou Somuku. Though forceful at times, Kanou’s earnest feelings have finally brought them closer. However, after one of Kanou’s subordinates, Kuba Homare, confesses to Ayase, Kanou becomes suspicious and vehemently desires Ayase physically every day. To make matters worse, Konomi Kiyotaka, an unbelievably evil man with many secrets, makes contact with Ayase…

Henshin Dekinai (Spin-Off)
Okane ga Nai – Kagi no Kakaru Tengoku (Side Story)

Scanlation Status

Chapters 1 – 27 (vol.1 – vol.6) were released by Forever-More.
Volume 8 is a side story and does not follow the normal chapter numbering
Dropped – Removed at request of publisher

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