Noboseru Karada

Minazuki Akira

Publisher: Taiyou Tosho
Serialized In: HertZ Comics
Date: November 2011
Manga Status: 1 Volume


Vol.1: 978-4-8130-5337-8


Yoshinaga Suzumi looks like a pop idol but harbours a complex about his appearance. Then, by chance, he meets a man brimming with talent and self-confidence. One day when visiting the local public bathhouse, “Kusabane Hot Baths”, Suzumi notices an exceptionally attractive attendant working there. For some unknown reason, Suzumi senses a searing, ill-mannered gaze from the attendant’s booth. Later, he finds out the man is the celebrated calligrapher Shisou Kusaba!

Scanlation Status

Active | Joint with Yaoi is Life

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