Nightmare Fortress

Nightmare Fortress
Ogasawara Uki

Aug. 2006

Hard Yaoi

Libre Shuppan

Published in
Super Be Boy Comics

Contents: The Duchy of Werner is a tiny island nation. One day, like something out of a bizarre folk tale of the ancient past or a fantastical tale of parallel world, the island is attacked by demons and disappears from human sight. The demons use the island’s inhabitants as toys for their sexual pleasure. The only people to escape the attack are Fritz, a member of the royal guard, and Kisshou, the commander of the guard. Now Fritz and Kisshou must find a way to infiltrate the island to rescue Gabriel, its prince, and defeat the demons.

Vol.1: 4-8626-3029-4

Manga Status: 1 Volume
Project Status: Complete – Download Unavailable


Volume 1
Chapter 1 – released
Chapter 2 – released
Chapter 3 – released
Chapter 4 – released
Chapter 5 – released
Extra – released