Makeinu no Nandemoya

Makeinu no Nandemoya
Asou Kai & Sugano Akira

Mar. 2005


Kadokawa Shoten

Published in
Asuka Comics CL DX

Contents: Atsushi, an ex-chef, Torajirou, a high school baseball player, and Nakagawa, a famous ex-composer (all 3 losers in life) started up a Convenience Agency. Then, as if fate had a hand in it, Nakagawa once again crosses path with Takahashi, an incredibly talented young composer, when a job that needs Takahashi’s expertise arises, rocking the three’s otherwise quiet life towards a whole new direction. From making you laugh to moving you to tears, this is a story of love and peace, and the world as seen by losers. (Summary from FM)

Vol.1: 4-0485-3779-2

Manga Status: 2 Volumes – We do not plan on scanlating volume 2.
Project Status: Complete – Thank you FM for letting us continue this project!


Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Released by Forever-More
Chapter 2 – Released by Forever-More
Chapter 3 – Released
Chapter 4 – Released
Chapter 5 – Released