Houkago no Love Call

Kitazawa Kyou

Publisher: Gentousha
Serialized In: BIRZ Comics LYNX Collection
Manga Status: 1 Volume


Vol.1: 4-3448-1728-1


1-4) Houkago no Love Call
A high school teacher, Ueda Wataru, was rejected by a person he loved back when he was a high school student and has been timid in love ever since. However, he’s now fallen in love with his student’s father, Ippongi Kazushi, a Yakuza. Although Ueda knows that he shouldn’t be, he’s fascinated with the good looking Ippongi’s sweet words…

5) A Certain Ordinary Day
High school student Akira is petite and cute and always bullied, luckily his childhood friend Ryuusei is always around to fight for him. Except Ryuusei is a terrible fighter who always loses! Akira loves the fact that Ryuusei always comes to his rescue, so he hides the fact that his delicate body hides super human strength!

6) Sweet Honey and Punishment
Since Childhood, Nobuhira Tatsuyoshi follow Toshitaka like a persistent dog, even though Toshitaka act coldly and even cruelly toward him.

7) Shoshite koko niwa Fuku ga Kuru (And than happiness will come to this place)
Two friends in a soccer club share a kiss because of a dare and true feeling of first love are blooming.

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