Gokujou no Koibito

Minase Masara

Publisher: Ookura Shuppan
Serialized In: Aqua Comics
Manga Status: 4 Volumes


Vol.1: 4-7755-0973-X
Vol.2: 4-7755-0974-8


Masahiro is a manager at a modeling agency and himself a former model. His newest charge is 16-year old Yoshimi. Yoshimi has looks and charisma to burn, but he’s also an over-privileged, egoistic, bratty teenager. When Yoshimi finds out that Masahiro is gay, he commands his manager to give him extra-curricular instruction in sex between men. But if Yoshimi wants Masahiro to be exclusively his, then he’ll have to surpass top model Akito, his rival in business and in love.

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