110-ban wa Uketsukemasen

Kitazawa Kyou

Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Serialized In: Chara Selection
Date: July 2012
Manga Status: 1 Volume


Vol.1: 4-1996-0521-5


Imagine a senpai you don’t get along with. Then imagine having to work with and live in the same apartment as him! With no vacancies in the single’s dorm, newbie cop, Kaitou, has no choice but to move in with his senpai from the koban, Himuro. While he’s beautiful and excels at his job, Himuro has a mouth on him and he and Kaitou fight like cats and dogs. But then one morning, surprise! A sudden embrace and a kiss!

“Give me back my first kiss!” Romance, trouble and a love triangle. A fiercely sadistic senpai versus a hot-blooded rookie equals a workplace romance!

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