Release #369 - Doukyonin, Hito wa Naze & Oinarisama Release #369 – Doukyonin, Hito wa Naze & Oinarisama
Posted by Scryren @ 7:30 pm on September 30

Happy birthday Kugutsu!

Begging: We’re looking for editors and translators! If you’re interested, please read the Join Us page then email Projects that are open for translating include Minase Masara, Fujii Mitori, Nabako Kamo, Ooya Kazumi, SHOOWA, Tenzen Momoko, Nagato Saichi and Yanagisawa Yukio

September 15th

Doukyonin no Binandomo – ch.6 + extra [end]
Hito wa Naze Hataraka Nakereba Naranai no Ka – ch.10 [end]
Oinarisama no Honey Bunney – vol.2 ch.11

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Release #368 - Aibou, Code & Doukynin Release #368 – Aibou, Code & Doukynin
Posted by Scryren @ 6:25 pm on September 15

Happy birthday LadyFeather and Jozetto!

September 15th

Aibou no Jouken – ch.4
Code Leviathan – ch.5
Doukynin no Binandomo – ch.5

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There’s life after Teen Wolf?

Release #367 - 110-ban, Okane & Leopard Release #367 – 110-ban, Okane & Leopard
Posted by Scryren @ 1:19 pm on September 1

Happy birthday to me =P

We may or may not release next weekend due to real life.

September 1st

110-ban wa Uketsukemasen – ch.5 + Extra [end]
Leopard Hakusho – vol.4 ch.16
Okane ga Nai – vol.9 ch.38

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Converting the completed projects over to the new format is taking so I’m going to finish up the rest of the site and probably launch with half the of the completed project pages still offline. There are 160 of them @_@

Release #366 - Kou'un, Chidori-san  & Maigo no Kare Release #366 – Kou’un, Chidori-san & Maigo no Kare
Posted by Scryren @ 6:36 pm on August 24

Happy birthday Shelisan!!! ♥

The release post is going to look weird again and the projects links at the bottom will be broken until the new site goes live. ETA another week or two.

August 24th

Kou’un no Rihatsushi – vol.2 ch.13
Chidori-san chi ni Kagitte – vol.2 ch.7

New Projects

Maigo no Kare to Kuma no Onegai by Kuju Siam – ch.1

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Teen Wolf tonight!

Release #365 - Acid Town, Black Sheep, Doukyonin, Kawaisa,Oinarisama  & Asanaga   Release #365 – Acid Town, Black Sheep, Doukyonin, Kawaisa,Oinarisama & Asanaga
Posted by Scryren @ 2:35 am on August 14

(Happy birthday for any staff members who got to blow out candles in the last month?) Ahem, happy birthday Nana and Mesitka. OTL

SuBLime has now acquired the digital rights for Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love (Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi) and Hide and Seek (Himegoto Asobi) by Sakuragi Yaya!

The format is going to look very odd today, and on the new project’s page. I’m prepping to redesign the website.

August 14th

Acid Town – vol 4 ch.20
Black Sheep Down – ch. 3
Doukyonin no Binan Domo – ch. 4
Kawaisa Amatte Nanika ga Hyakubai – ch.5
Oinarisama – vol 2 ch.10

New Projects

Asanaga Fugestsu Shodouka desu by Kitazawa Kyou – ch. 1

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Website redesign? Surely you jest?

Part of the reason the releases are few and far between is because updating the website is… well, it’s freaking awful. The DP Staff are amazing and are cranking out chapters, but OMG I dread updating the site. I’m the reason we go three weeks without a release.

So here are my two priorities with the site:
1) I only need to create the release post (a WordPress Post). No updating project pages, release logs, editing php files to move things in the sidebar, etc.
2) Help you guys speed up your decision on which projects you want to download, because that’s why you’re here, yes?

It’s also not vaporware. I spent the other night getting Foundation to work with WordPress. Sheli and Galla have seen the preliminary front page. Now that I’ve spent half the night talking to myself in MS Word, I know what I want to do.

If you want to read about what’s in store for the website, I’ve posted that monster over on our Livejournal [it's public now -.-]. Any requests/feedback/chocolate please leave them in the comments here or over on LJ. I would very much like to know what you guys like or can’t stand. I only know what annoys the crap out of me.


Release #364 - 110 Ban, Kawaisa, Tasogare, Kuroneko & Hanagaya Release #364 – 110 Ban, Kawaisa, Tasogare, Kuroneko & Hanagaya
Posted by Scryren @ 8:20 pm on July 21

Happy birthday Yuzuko!

7.21.2014 – 110 ban wa Uketsukemasen! – ch.4
7.21.2014 – Kawaisa Amatte Nanika ga Hyakubai – ch.4
7.21.2014 – Tasogare wa Karera no Jikan – ch.5
7.21.2014 – Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata Drama CD booklet + Tokuten Paper (joint with Yaoi is Life)
7.21.2014 – Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata – ch.1 by Sakyou Aya (joint with Yaoi is Life).
7.21.2014 – Hanagaya Eigyousho no Kare – ch.1 by Momoko Tenzen (joint with Nakama)

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi has been licensed by SuBLime!

Mediafire: this week’s releases
Direct: ETA soonish (along with the page updates)

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