February 9th, 2015

Happy birthday Crystalynn, Don Amoeba and Michi-san!


Is there anyone out there that has the tankoubon of Kanashii Doubutsu (released on 12/20/14) that is willing to scan the extra and covers for us?


That pesky real life is causing havoc. After valentine’s day, we’re going to switch to every other weekend for a bit. Also, how is the Google Drive working for everyone? Anything disappearing?


Border – Peach (Will x Yamato) by Kazuma Kodaka/K2
Bleach – Koisenshou (Aizen x Gin) by Kitamura Koume/Tsubacisou
Given by Kizu Natuski – ch.1 (joint with BangAqua)
Heavy x Beauty ~ Pretty Babies~ – ch.2
Iberico Pork – ch.3
Kedamono Hatsujouki! by Wada Mayuko – ch.1


God help us. We’re in the hands of engineers.